The following list outlines the charges for uninsured services that are not commonly provided at Bowmont Medical Clinic. The fees are established by the Alberta Medical Association* and are subject to change according to these same guidelines. If you request any of these services you will be expected to provide payment. We accept cash, Debit, VISA, MasterCard.


Prices are subject to change without notice.
Marine Medical Examinations
Aviation Medicals $200
Telephone Prescription Refills
Sick Notes
Sick Notes plus examination $80
Employment Insurance Disability Certificates / Forms $50
Insurance notes for physiotherapy, massage , orthotics
Driver’s License Medicals
Physical for school or camp, including form
Certificate for fitness
Disabled parking forms $50
Seniors residence forms  
Maternity certificates
Transfer of medical records to another physician at request of patient $40 + GST
Copy of medical records to a third party – Ins Co, law firm 
$250 + GST
Revenue Canada Tax Credit Form  
Medical legal reports  
Insurance form, including MVA reports, disability reports 
Attending Physician’s Statement  
$300 + GST
AISH application form – price is set by The Government of Alberta
CPP Disability form – price is set by The Government of Alberta
Fax Charges
per pg 
Missed Appointment
regular appointments (10-15 minutes)
checkups & counseling appts 
Telephone Advice
per 15 min 
Cosmetic removal of lesions
per lesion
Skin Tags
for the first

per treatment
(if not plantor or genital warts)

Day Care Note   $35
Back to Work Note   $35
Fitness Club Note   $35
School Camp Form   $35
Pre-op consult for an uninsured service   $100
Pre-employment Certificate of Fitness (no examination required) $50
Pre-employment Certificate of Fitness and examination   $150
Citizenship and Immigration Form   $100
Private Adoption Form  
$150 + GST
  Blue Cross Forms
depending on complexity
$20 to $50
UKOOA (offshore oil & gas) Medicals  
  Injections   Varies
Other Uninsured Services   Varies